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Viewable impressions breakdown per device

Hi guys,

I believe it would be good to have a simple, graphical presentation of how many viewable impressions (and the rate) have been recorded by different devices. There is no such screen in verification dashboard, and when you try getting that info from 'generate report' option and 'additional breakdowns' (screenshot: ) you will get device info with only served impressions metric in one sheet, and viewability in another, but without devices (attached example: "VolkswagenSweden_PHD_21.03.2017_24.03.2017_ver_47714_0"). The only way to get this info is through custom report (attached example: "Volkswagen_SE_P_SE_AAF_LANCH_Golf_v.11-13_Custom_Report_Builder_27550") However I believe clients would appreciate it if they would be able to access it through Verification dashboard as well.




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  • Mar 27 2017
Company Sizmek
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    Moriya Weinberg commented
    May 3, 2017 12:37

    Hi Milan, thanks for the feedback. in verification, we report device type by: impressions, account, advertiser, campaign, placement and domain. you should select "device" in generate report screen. 

    we do not currently offer additional slice and dice that shows a certain data point/s broken by device type (e.g. viewable impressions broken by each device type). 

    it's a good feature to have in the future but due to other company priorities, it can't be prioritized in the short term. i've added it to our backlog candidate features for longer term development.