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Video Unmute reporting attribute

Hi Team,

There has been confusion about "Video Unmute" pixel within In-Stream Video tracking in SAS. When you go ahead to pull the report for in-stream trackers, there isn't an attribute called "Video Unmute", even though this pixel is present in our tag..

Video unmute is available within the pixel:

However, its not available in SAS report attributes under that exact name:

I have checked with our Support Team and they have confirmed that the "Video Played with Sound" would match the "Video Unmute". However, to keep everything consistent, and sign off any confusion with these, would you mind renaming the attribute from "Video Played with Sound" to "Video Unmute" to match the pixel naming convention within our tracking tag?


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.





  • Bojana Gnjatic
  • Mar 27 2018
Company Sizmek
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