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Align DSP click counting Methodologies with Ad Server Methodologies

It has been noted in multiple cases that there is an expected discrepancy behavior between DSP and MDX Ad Server. 

To further describe the past noted investigations we are noticing click data getting dropped off when the 3rd party reports (MDX ad server reports) get loaded into the DSP. This is generally attributed to when our internal numbers log zero. When our internal numbers log zero, this in return will not register the 3rd party numbers. For example if placement A had one click registered from the 3rd party report and in the DSP the same placement (A) logged zero, that count gets ignored. This is a limitation of the DSP and from my recent conversations with CSM's who have experienced the same discrepancy have mentioned that this is an on-going behavior, when using sizmek ad server generated tags. The discrepancy is without a doubt pointing to the difference in counting methodologies from both platforms. The methodologies between both platforms are abiding by different rules which is why DSP would log 0 vs the ad server.

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  • Apr 27 2018
Company Sizmek
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