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Create Function to Control Which Countries / Regions Traffic a DSP Cookie Matching Partner's Pixel Can Fire

Currently DSP Cookie Matching Partner pixels are fired when a DSP pixel is fired or an impression is served. DSP can fire any partner's pixels against any traffic source. 

With GDPR, we know that at least one cookie matching partner has opted to simply block all traffic from EU resulting in their pixel throwing a 403 error on client's sites. Background is available in

By building a capacity in the DSP to control which regions or countries a cookie matching partner may fire in would enable us to rapidly respond to issues such as this.


Concise Request:

  1. Build the function into DSP to control which regions (EMEA, APAC, NAM), which countries, or both that a DSP cookie matching partner's pixel can fire. By example: If traffic is from EMEA and a given Cookie Matching Partner is not allowed to fire against EMEA traffic, then don't fire that partner's pixel during cookie matching for that given traffic
  • Philip Kohler
  • Jul 19 2018
Company Sizmek
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