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Prompt a message alert to alert the users that the amount of campaigns and number of metrics chosen are huge to run

Hi Product Team,

Hope you have a good week.

Please allow me to illustrate you the background of the case I encountered which I have submitted to our support team (case ID: And that is the reason why I would suggest my idea at this portal.


We have found that for Report Builder, if there are more metrics being selected, it would affect the report not able to display data especially when metrics such as device type, mobile brand and mobile info are included. The reports received are with empty data or we received an error message in email stating that "Failure in generating report." All this due to a report that has to generate a large amount of lines may fails due to system resources limitations. The time we waited for the report to be sent to us take approximately an hour plus.


In my humble opinion, I think it would be good if there is message prompt out in the system to alert the users that the amount of campaigns and number of metrics chosen are huge to run, and it would exceed the system limitations. Hence, it would impact the report and get the users to reduce the number of campaigns/number of metrics before they run the report.

Without the message alert, they would go through the whole process of waiting to receive the email and eventually only find out the report consist empty data due to large amount of lines to run in the system. I personally think it is not effective and time consuming for client to go through this. 


Let me know your thought on this.


Thank you.



Hui Ken

Regional Client Service Manager, SEA

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  • Aug 29 2018
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