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SAS Asset upload 'space' auto-replacement - especially for video

Uploading assets which contain spaces - especially in the case of video files - causes some major issues for reporting. It should not be too difficult to have the platform find and replace any 'space' or other non-accepted character with an underscore '_'. 


Something like preg_replace('/[^a-zA-Z0-9]+/', '_', $filename); (or however it looks in Java) ought to do it.


At the very least, this should help alleviate client reported issues related to video reporting that stem from incorrectly named video assets. This issue extends to auto-transcode, where a video asset containing spaces gets converted, and the output variants re-use the same file-names as the source. So all videos which contain these characters would encounter issues. These may also get flagged by publishers, which causes delays and client upset. 

  • James Apel
  • Nov 29 2018
Company Sizmek
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  • James Apel commented
    29 Nov 16:06

    To be clear - the idea here would be that the platform auto-replaces these characters at time of upload. 

  • Damien Sano commented
    29 Nov 16:34

    Hey James.

    You mean, replace spaces in the platform, right ? Not directly on the assets. For workspaces, this would break url sources in the code of the creative.

    Also, did you notice issues with other special chars ? We have a lot of accents here in France, and some users do not know web best and basic practices. So I'm wondering if they would break the reports as well.

  • Christophe Dupré commented
    30 Nov 09:24

    Agree about the accent vs only the space. This kind of issue should be fixed on ALL the fields of the adserver, especially to Smart Items where switching between HTML and Text breaks the caracters with accents.